August 17


They are three and managed to conquer the whole world, literally. With over 400 concerts in 10 countries on 4 continents, Cristina, Bazooka and Adita are coming to Craft Art TM, in Timisoara, where they will be performing on August 17th.
Crafters of Nu-jazz, retro, soul, urban, Moonlight Breakfast think that their music style can be best characterized by fun. A style that managed to make then stand out on international stages, where they played in front of over 35,000 people at once. So far, they had concerts in Texas, England, Japan and started a tour in Europe in April.
They say that the secret of success is to do what you feel and to be honest. These two ingredients made their fan base become consistent and loyal.
Recently, they moved to Vienna and are constantly travelling from Austria to Romania, the countries where Moonlight Breakfast has become a trendsetter in terms of new sounds and novel shows.
They released their first album ``Shout`` in 2014, welcomed by both Romanian and European fans. Two years later, in 2016, they released their second album ``TIME,`` which benefited from a double release: in Bucharest and Vienna. Recently, Moonlight Breakfast launched the „Bonjour” teaser, as a support of the Green Peace fight against deforestation. The teaser will be screened at the Pelicam International Film Festival, Tulcea.


Crafters of quality alternative rock, Grimus were founded in 2005, in Cluj Napoca. Only one year later, they released their first single, Solitude. In 2008, Grimus released their first album, „Panikon”, considered the album of the year by local music critics. Since then, they conquered both national and international stages, crafting a style that can hardly be confused by connoisseurs.
In 2012, Grimus was the only Romanian band invited to play at 3 major European festivals: Rock For People in the Czech Republic, Exit Festival in Serbia, and Sziget Festival in Hungary. Also, they attended Eurosonic festival in Holland, Arezzo Wave in Italy and Vienna Waves in Austria, as well as the Saarang Festival in Chennai-India.
In 2014, one of their songs, Selfie, gets on the movie soundtrack with the same name.
Grimus craftsmen opened the Queen and Adam Lambert concert in 2016, in Bucharest.
Over time, Grimus shared the scene with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Moby, Motorhead, Kasabian, Prodigy, Eros Ramazzotti, Garbage, Placebo, Roxette, Hurts, Deep Purple, and Sir Salman Rushdie.
Grimus is: Bogdan Mezofi - voice, Valentin Rauca - guitar, voice, Cristian Csapo-Martinescu - guitar, Kiss Lehel - keyboards, Titus Vadan - bass, Turi Gabor – drums


Amalia Gaita comes to Craft Art TM on August 17th, with her amazing band: Vlad Cotrus- guitar, , Mihai Moldoveanu - bass guitar and Adrian Schiopu-drums. Amalia`s music crafting style focuses on improvisation, reaching surprisingly emotional fields, through the eclectic style and contemporary structures with vintage accents. The first album, signed by Amalia Gaita, was released on December 13th, 2017. ``Melting Sun`` is a energetic, colorful material that brings emotion and intimacy through a fusion of jazz-soul-funk-rock alternative.

Clearly, Amalia Gaita & The Band are a festival must see!


URBAN ART STUDIO Timisoara is the project that brings together young people from diverse cultural backgrounds, united by the same passion for dancing! Within 6 years Urban Art Studio managed to reach Timisoara to the highest level. The best recognition of the school is the winning of the 2nd place at ``Bounce Dance`` Satu Mare - International Urban Dance Competition 2018, in the mega crew category. They will perform on August 17, at Craft Art Tm, in a sensational streetdance demonstration in Roses Park!

August 18


Crafter of good words, author and blogger, Andrei Vulpescu joins our great festival experience through and amazing and not so conventional workshop: Art of Being Happy. You will find out why real men don`t feel the need to cheat and how to avoid collecting break-ups. On August 18th, you have a date in Parcul Rozelor, so make sure you`ll get there on time!


Kosmic Blues is a wonderful blend of funk, blues and electronic beats, with a dash of folk, jazz and old school rock. The result is a fresh timbre and a soothing sound that shelters the listener in an atmosphere of peace and ``joie-de-vivre``. In December 2016, Kosmic Blues released its first video and single “Little Sparrow”. Following the debut success of their first release, Kosmic Blues continues their universal quest and shortly after releases their first EP, ``Roots``. In May 2018, a new single – Nature- was released, together with the mesmerizing Muse Quartet. In September, Kosmic Blues will launch their first album. Prepare for a kosmic concert, on August 18th, at Craft Art TM, that will take you in a state of pure joy!


Bully is one of the Romaninan DJs that has succsefully created a bridge between underground and mainstream. Starting out around 2000, he conquered the dancefloors of literally all relevant clubs in the country. He likes to create diverse musical experiences for his public through a hyped up mix of different genres, from funky breaks & oldschool hip hop to breakbeat & drum'n'bass and also local spices in terms of folk and... who knows what next?

He shared the stage with international names like Adam Freeland, Qbert, Deekline, Freestylers, Patrice, Dreadzone, Andy Smith, Ollie Teeba (Herbaliser), DJ MK (Roots Manuva), General Levy, Killa Kella, JFB, Ed 209, Kid Fresh & Ra K, J - Bass, Joe Le Groove, DJAZ, Africa Islam, JourneyMan Psycho - Freud, Subfocus, Technical Itch, DJ Ink, Temper D, Darko Stepic, C4C and many others; working with virtually all relevant DJs in Romania as well.

Since 2002 he was also a frequent choice for sports related events. Regardless of the seazon, he managed to hype the riders to the limit within memorable events, out of which we'll mention: RedBull Flug Tag, RedBull Freakstyle, Burn Bowl Roackers, Burn X Casino, Burn Photo Raid, Mountain Dew CitySlide, Mountain Dew UrbanFest, Sprite Aggresive Inline Tour, Freeride Camps, Jib Contents and other snowboard, skate & bmx events.

Dj Ufe

f you ask him about his love for music, UFe is a man of few words. But, then again, any artist speaks through his means of artistic expression.

In his case, UFe manifests himself as an explosion of diverse musical influences and genres that create a unique style which resists easy categorization. From the ancestral rhythms of Africa and the tropical sounds of Latin America, to the jazz and funk breaks that made the foundation of hip hop, plus some of the electronic music currently enjoying a vogue, many elements have helped shape his style into an admirably eclectic music.

He blends this vastly diversified repertoire into his own sound and expresses it into his own idiom with imaginative synthesis that makes the listening a vigorous and exciting experience.

UFe is also an accomplished producer, experiments with percussion and is currenly inloved in live projects such as Kosmic Blues and Groove Hug.


Crafter of good words, author and blogger, Andrei Vulpescu joins our great festival experience through and amazing and not so conventional workshop: Art of Being Happy. You will find out why real men don`t feel the need to cheat and how to avoid collecting break-ups. On August 18th, you have a date in Parcul Rozelor, so make sure you`ll get there on time!

August 19


Eclectic, intelligent, with a vibe electro/future soul, Otherside music is a fresh and
promissing appearence for the music scene. The project took birth last year, already
having a rich live touring experience, announcing gigs for important summer festivals
this year.
Otherside succeed to combine chill, introspective moments with an adventurous
exploration of the sound textures and an energy worthy of any serious dance floor. The first album is called „Neverending”.


When you say GOLAN, you say genuine sound and shows that take your breath away from the very beginning.
Romanians by birth, international through their shows, the music crafters from GOLAN found the perfect balance betwheen electronic and acoustic music in 2014. Since then, their original sound and shows made them stand out at some of the largest festivals in Europe, such as: Szighet, Open`er Festival, United Islands of Prague, Fete de l'Europe, Frequency festival, Burg Clam Festival, Eurosonic.
They have over 100 shows each year, went on an European tour with Parov Stelar, performed in the opening of the Kings of Leon concert in Bucharest, and Roisin Murphy - Vienna and Bucharest.
Golan are the first niche band in Romania with two memorable sold outs: an album sold out entirely at the launching event and a sold out event at Arenele Romane.
GOLAN have a ``perfectly fermented`` maturity and a perfect balance of sound, achieved through a perfect blend of instruments, vocal, sampling and DJ-ing . Keyboards, guitar and bass guitar, percussion, flute and trumpet build the most original musical effects at every show of the band.
With two active EPs and an album to appear, GOLAN can boast that they are one of the most appreciated electro pop music bands in Romania and Europe.
At the Craft Art TM -International Beer Festival (Aug. 17-19, Roses Park), you can see the full band: Alex (keyboard, flute, trumpet), Florian (guitar, bass, synth), Iulian (tobe) percussion) and Mihai (vocal, live sampling Dj).


Originary from Constanta, established in Cluj Napoca, Rammon is one of the Romanian DJs who manages to put some good vibe juice in any type of audience through the sounds he crafts. Eternally surprising, Rammon comes to Craft Art TM on August 19th to meet all of the craft beer lovers in Timisoara, in a live mix session.